HPCL conducts customer awareness program at Esmeralada Barreto Fuel Station in Calangute


HPCL recently conducted a customer awareness program at its Esmeralada Barreto Fuel Station in Calangute. The aim of the program was to educate consumers about the various attributes, parameters, and machinery involved in the fuel dispensing process. As fuel is one of the most commonly used commodities, HPCL organized this campaign to help people understand and address any queries they may have regarding quality and quantity of fuel dispensed.

The event was attended by several important individuals, including members of the Calangute Panchayat, Mr. Savio Gonsalves and Mr. Francis Rodrigues, Comptroller of Legal Metrology Mr. Arun Panchawadkar, Senior Regional Manager Vasco RO Mr. Prince Jindal, GOACAN Coordinator and social activist Mr. Roland Martins, and others.

During the program, consumers were informed about the different methods available to check the quality of fuel at filling stations. This knowledge aimed to alleviate any doubts or concerns they may have had. Additionally, consumers were educated about the importance of fuel quality and were shown demonstrations of simple tests that they can request dealers to conduct to ensure they receive value for their money.

One such demonstration involved testing the purity of petrol. A few drops of petrol were poured onto a piece of filter paper, and consumers were shown how pure petrol should evaporate without leaving any residue behind. Another test, which involved the use of a hydrometer and a thermometer, was conducted to demonstrate how to check the density and quality of petrol.

The awareness program concluded with the dealer expressing gratitude and proposing a vote of thanks. Both consumers and media reporters present at the event were sensitized to the importance of fuel quality and the measures they can take to ensure they receive genuine and high-quality fuel.

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