Unveiling the heartbeat of Fatorda Fortress as FC Goa march on


Unveiling the heartbeat of Fatorda Fortress as FC Goa march on

Goa, December 7, 2023: In a riveting clash that will be etched in the memories of FC Goa fans for a long time to come, the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium witnessed a sensational win for the home team against Kerala Blasters.


As the Gaurs emerged victorious thanks to local lad Rowllin Borges’ first-half strike, the stadium atmosphere played a pivotal role, staying true to its nickname and transforming it into a true ‘Fortress’ adorned with chants, cheers, and an unrivaled energy that propelled the Men in Orange to success once again in their own backyard.


The unbeaten streak of head coach Manolo Marquez and his boys in the ISL 2023-24 season continues, with the team currently sitting at the top of the points table, boasting an impressive 19 points from seven matches. The sheer dominance displayed by the Gaurs, including six wins and a draw, has solidified their position as the team to beat this season.


Amidst the roaring success, it is impossible to overlook the magical ambiance created by the passionate fans of the Club at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The team, steadily becoming noted for their impenetrable defense since keeping four clean-sheets in a row, witnessed an added layer of invincibility as the crowd rallied behind them with thunderous chants and spirited cheers.


The collective energy of thousands of supporters reverberated through the stands, creating an environment where every pass, every tackle, and every goal felt like a momentous occasion.


In the aftermath of the gripping encounter against the Blasters, we caught up with some of the passionate FC Goa supporters to get their take on the enthralling atmosphere.


“I remember last season’s home match against Kerala Blasters. Many fans were talking about how great the atmosphere was, with the chants and healthy banter between both sets of fans. Because of this, many fans came to watch this game, to see what exciting stuff would happen this time,” Wynalda Fernandes, a member of FC Goa Fan Club, one of the Club’s official fan groups and a resident of Candolim, said.


“The atmosphere there was lively, with the crowd being quite vocal in terms of their support. There were banners and posters, and dancing to the beat of the drums too. And all of this was happening all across the stadium, eventually moving people who came and quietly sat to watch the match to get up and cheer too.


“I think we fans play a crucial role in keeping the players motivated. Our chants and cheering help the players a lot. We’ll surely fill up the stadium and support our Gaurs, and I continue to believe we will have a great season this time,” she added.


The consensus was clear – the unity among the fans, the palpable excitement, and the shared passion for the team made the stadium come alive like never before. It wasn’t just a match; it was an unforgettable experience that showcased the strength of the Club’s fan community.


Equally moved by the overwhelming support, FC Goa players shared their thoughts on the electrifying atmosphere at the Fatorda Fortress.


“There’s something that Coach Manolo always says – the match doesn’t start at kick-off; it starts as soon as you walk onto the pitch,” Jay Gupta revealed. “The fans embodied that on Sunday, because the cheers started as soon as we did the walkout. As you know, we do a 360° as soon as we enter, and that day, the view was refreshingly different.


“It was surreal, and personally gave me a strong reminder on how the badge binds us together and how I have to honour this bond with my efforts on the pitch.”


He further added, “The Mexican waves, in particular, stood out – especially in the second half, when we were slowly running out of steam thanks to playing a high-intensity game out there. But with the fans pushing us on from the stands, we kept going and we’re very happy that we were able to repay their faith with another positive result.”


“We have one more home game coming up soon now, before the second half of the season begins in January. We’re looking forward to all the support that we’ll get when we take on Mumbai City next Tuesday,” the defender concluded.


The recent triumph against Kerala Blasters was not just a victory on the scoreboard; it was a testament to the unyielding spirit of FC Goa and its incredible fan base. As the team continues its journey in the ISL 2023-24 season, they will surely hope to let the roar of the fans be the guiding force, turning every home match into a spectacle that resonates far beyond the confines of the Fatorda Fortress.

About FC Goa

FC Goa is a professional football club based out of Goa that competes in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL). Nicknamed the Gaurs, FC Goa has been one of the most consistently successful teams in the ISL – reaching 4 semi-finals and 2 finals in 9 seasons.


Heading into the 2023-24 season of the Hero ISL, FC Goa hold the record for the most goals, joint-most golden boots and most number of playoff appearances (6 in total) in the history of the competition.


In 2020, FC Goa also became the first team from India to qualify for the league stages of the AFC Champions League, by virtue of winning the first-ever Hero ISL League Winners Shield in the 2019-20 season.


The Gaurs’ trophy cabinet is further adorned by the 2019 Super Cup, the 2018-19 Goa Pro League, the 2020 Goa Police Cup and the 2021 Durand Cup.


Co-owned by Mr Jaydev Mody, Mr Akshay Tandon and Mr Virat Kohli, FC Goa is one of the few Indian clubs to have a complete youth development ecosystem. Its U13, U15, U17, U18, U20 and Developmental Teams compete at the highest levels in Goa and India.

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