Rotary Club of Mapusa Millennials to organize Rotary Republic Cyclothon 2024 on 14th January 2024,


Rotary Club of Mapusa Millennials to organizes Rotary Republic Cyclothon 2024 on 14th January 2024, Sunday. The Cyclothon is divided into two parts: 40 kms & 13 kms, passing through the lush greenery and Scenic River banks of Kamurli, Siolim, Mandrem, and the city of Mapusa.
• Route of the event:
• Long distance: Bodhgeshar temple-green park-cuncheilim–siolim-chopdem-back, totaling 40 kms.
• Short distance: Bodhgeshwar temple-green park-karaswada and back, totaling 13 kms.
• Start and end point of the event will be at Mapusa city.
• 40 kms will be promoting and giving a platform to sports and fitness enthusiasts to explore and promote the sport
of cycling at the village level while enjoying themselves passing through the Scenic Beauty.
• 13 kms will focus on promoting & encouraging a special aspect which will be an addition this year.
• This category will focus on promoting the parent and child pair, husband & wife, grandparents and grandchildren
pair, brother and sister pair, etc. This will not only increase the relationship bonding between the generations but
also promote the culture of fitness within the family.
• It is an Annual Millennials Sports initiative associated with a Noble Charitable Cause.
• The funds generated through the event will be used for community-level projects, education of underprivileged
children, Happy school projects, projects promoting menstrual health,hygiene, sanitation, women and child
development via skill development, etc.
• Promoting road safety and traffic norms in the community, Rotary Club of Mhapsa Millennials wishes to make the
helmet compulsory for the riders.
• The tickets includes medals T-shirts and hearty breakfast.

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