By Aires Rodrigues

2023 is coming to an end and Goa has over the years been witnessing a spurt of accidents towards the year end. So let us be extra cautious on the roads and highways so that more lives don’t perish. Accidents do happen but when it is due to willful negligence and rash driving at times fueled by an intoxication of harmful substances like alcohol, then it cannot be an accident.

Today we are overburdened with an astronomical rise in vehicles on roads across Goa. Some sanity needs to prevail on the Rent the car and Rent the bikes sector which we see not observing the traffic rules which is a cause for many accidents. The authorities also need to crack down on two wheelers which are being used for courier service and sometimes carry the load of a rickshaw. The food delivery guys must also be reined in. Using private vehicles for commercial activity is in violation of law.

Is it not an irony that while we see people spending lakhs on medical treatment to save their lives we also see those endangering not only their own but also the lives of others by their reckless and brazen behavior on the roads.

We have to vow to do everything possible to ensure that accidents are avoided. In this festive season where we can all share love, happiness and joy, let us bid farewell to 2023 while ushering in the New Year with Peace and hope for an even better year, while making sure we don’t have to bid farewell to our near and dear ones and cause pain and suffering to others or ourselves through reckless driving

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