Loitering stray cattle causing accidents, nuisance in Porvorim

Porvorim : With the issue being given a deaf ear, stray cattle menace in Porvorim , as in the rest of the State, is on rise, with every junction and open space, even the footpaths, being occupied by cattle, especially after 6 pm.


A gradual trend seems to be unfolding, where cattle come and sit on the roads, obstructing vehicular traffic and causing nuisance to the public in general.


Locations that have become a favourite among these bovine creatures include the yellow building at Porvorim where in  These stray cattle cause traffic conjunction in these parts.

These animals have  been left  to fend for themselves, as they do not seem to be of much use and also do not claim ownership.

With our roads already littered with potholes, the cattle on the road multiply the chances of accidents and have, over the years become the cause of several fatal accidents.

In fact, the irritation and agitation of the locals has reached a boiling point and many feel that something needs to be done immediately.

Authorities have almost turned their attention away from this major issue despite having knowledge of hundreds of stray animals roaming around on the roads and footpaths in the Porvorim  jurisdiction.


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