put name of government of India instead of PM Modi on advertising hoardings at Government offices in Mapusa: The united citizens of Goa


NGO The united citizens of Goa has submitted a memorandum to deputy collector demanding  the advertisement hoardings with the name of Modi sarkar at Government offices at Mapusa be put up with the name  of the government of India

the NGO led by their president Sanjay Barde along with social activist Shankar Polji and other activists pointed out that  the name of Modi sarkar on the hoarding is highly objectionable as it directly disturbs the clause as mentioned in the constitution of India

“We have seen in that in the past neither the congress/UPA or the NDA government has promoted the name of any Prime Minister of india but would focus on the government of India” said Sanjay Barde in a press conference


The banner of Modi sarkar indicates directly to an individual person and not to the identity of the nation” barde further said

Speaking further another member of the organisation said that a wrong message is going on in the minds of the people so we have requested the authorities to change the banner from Modi sarkar to Government of India is it Modi sarkar or Bharat Sarkar the authorities should clarify


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