USA and Nepal nationals rescued off Goa’s beaches over the weekend


USA and Nepal nationals rescued off Goa’s beaches over the weekend

Panaji, February 2024: A US national and a couple from Nepal were among the several persons rescued from drowning off Goa’s beaches by lifesavers over the weekend.

The 32-year-old American was caught in a riptide off Candolim beach after wading into the deeper sections of the water. Drishti Marine lifesaver Chandan Giri, equipped with a rescue tube, rushed into the water to save the individual. The foreigner’s vital signs were examined on rescue and were found to be stable.

At Vagator beach, Drishti Marine lifesavers were alerted by a beach security patrol official about a Nepali couple struggling to swim in the water. Lifesavers Vishnu, Babaji and Bhagwan ran into the sea and using a rescue board and tube, carried the couple back to shore.

At Ashwem beach, a Drishti Marine lifesaver noticed a 25-year-old woman from Karnataka being pulled deeper by a huge wave, making it difficult for her to swim. She was rescued by lifesavers using a rescue board and a rescue tube.

Drishti Marine lifesavers were also involved in administering first-aid to a 55-year-old man from Karnataka. While swimming in waist-deep water with his family off Calangute beach, the man suddenly fell, prompting his son to urgently seek assistance. Lifesavers stationed at the tower swiftly responded, entering the water to retrieve him. Upon initial assessment, the man displayed a stable pulse and normal breathing, but he remained unresponsive. As a precautionary measure, oxygen was administered and within 10 minutes, he recovered.

The lifesavers were later informed that the person had suffered from a sun-related allergy. He was later shifted to the nearest health care centre for further diagnosis.

Two children, aged four years and five years, respectively, who were reported missing by their kin at Calangute beach, were traced by on-duty Drishti Marine lifesavers over the weekend.

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