Fuelling Goa’s Startup Ecosystem: Masterclasses Delved into Business Strategies and Emerging AI Technologies*


*Fuelling Goa’s Startup Ecosystem: Masterclasses Delved into Business Strategies and Emerging AI Technologies*

*Panaji, 20th February 2024*: The Startup & IT Promotion Cell, Department of IT, Govt. of Goa organized two Masterclass on topics “Business Strategies & Business Tactics” by Santosh Kenkre the Former Chairman of EDC Limited, a seasoned Chartered Accountant with 38 years of expertise, and the Former Chairman of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and “Navigating Emerging Technologies for Startup Success” by Raj Kapoor the Founder of India Blockchain Alliance & The Green Chain protocol, esteemed G20 Speaker, TedX Speaker, and advisor to numerous blockchain and AI startups, as well as Indian government entities. The sessions took place on 20th February 2024, at the IT Hub in Altinho, Panaji, Goa.

Mr. D. S. Prashant, CEO of the Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa, introduced the speakers and emphasized the objective of gaining invaluable knowledge from these masterclasses.

Participants from diverse backgrounds attended these Masterclasses. The session on Business Strategies & Business Tactics focused on implementing action plans drawn from the latest management practices of leading companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Walmart, etc. It emphasized tactical considerations such as finance, cost, pricing, budgeting, and reviews, as well as legal and compliance aspects of business operations. The session concluded with the key mantra for businesses to remain competitive amidst competitors.

The second masterclass on Navigating Emerging Technologies for Startup Success explored the potential for startups to thrive using new tech innovations. The speaker discussed how AI tools enable startups to make informed decisions across various aspects including market research, customer acquisition, product development, sales, and marketing strategies, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

The session highlighted the significance of AI and blockchain technology for startups, offering secure, transparent, and globally accessible solutions. Based on his firsthand experience, he provided a list of the top 10 AI tools for startups in 2024, including ClickUp, Dalle – E, Bricabrac, Otter.ai, among others, and concluded his session by discussing current trends in the AI technology sector, focusing on environment-friendly technology startups, digital health, agritech, cybersecurity solutions, and super apps.

Participants actively participated in discussions, shared insights on manufacturing, case studies, research and development finance management, and discussed challenges faced in their startup journeys, contributing to a collaborative startup ecosystem.

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