BJP will win with a thumping majority in the upcoming elections due to PM Modi’s Popularity : Calangute MLA Michael Lobo


Calangute:  Expressing his confidence of the winning  prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha election slated  in a few months time, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said that BJP will win with a thumping majority  in the upcoming elections as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is very high

Lobo was interacting with media persons after inaugurating the work  of the  retaining wall and hotmixing of road infront of St. Alex Church, Calangute besides lobo also present were Deputy sarpanch of calangute Geeta Parab and Members of village panchayat Calangute on Saturday. The works have been taken up at an estimated cost of around rs 3.60 crore

Lobo added, “PM Narendra Modi’s popularity is very high in the general elections in 2024 and people are looking at Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, and the people are looking at him to take this country forward to strengthen the economy and that this country goes next level on par with America or certain European countries.”

Replying to questions from media  as to whether the  congress led India Developement inclusive alliance  will deter the BJP’s prospects in the Lok Sabha election,

Lobo said  that the congress led allianace wll not pose a  threat to the BJP

it is evident from the last assembly elections that in the three major states  in India namely MP Rajhasthan and Chattisgrah  where the results have gone in the favour of BJP said lobo he expressded his confidence that the BJP will also retain other states

the congress and its alliance have made wrong policy decisions and  so the government has  this will give the   BJP the uppehadn  and gt more  seats.”

I feel that the BJP will retain power with a thumping majority in the 2024 by retaining certain number of seats  or get even more numbers the BJP  NDA alliance should get around 375 seats which can even go much more than that in the general elections. lobo further said ”

Depty sarpanch of calangute Geeta Parab also spoke on the occasion and complemented MLA Michael lobo for taking up the works on priority


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