Are we still consuming Formalin Laced fish in our Goa ?


Goans have raised concern over formalin laced fish still existing in the markets
locals have appealed with  the  Authorities  to check and punish the offenders Extra shine noticeable on fish

it may be recalled that formalin scare had raised its ugly head for the first time around this time some months back when FDA officer had confirmed to the media that the qualitative tests conducted on fish sold at the Margao wholesale fish market had tested positive for formalin.

The detection of formalin-laced fish had also created ripples in the fish industry and in political circles, triggering a wave of suspicion over the quality of fish consumed by fish loving Goans inspite of this  it  has been noticed that Formalin Laced fish has been sold in many prominent fish markets across the state ,.

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