Youva Masterstroke: Celebrating Creativity and Talent Across India


Youva Masterstroke: Celebrating Creativity and Talent Across India

Panaji: Youva Stationery, from the house of Navneet Education, is proud to announce the successful completion of the ‘Youva Masterstroke’ competition, which was held in various states across India.
Youva Master Stroke is an exclusive platform that empowers students to unleash their creativity through drawing. With a legacy spanning two decades, this year marked the 20th anniversary of this iconic competition.
For the 2023 edition, a staggering total of 5251 schools from 22 states enthusiastically participated in the competition, with approximately 13.6 lakh students showcasing their artistic flair and imagination. Participants were categorized into three age groups, each assigned specific themes for their drawings.
“We are delighted to witness yet another successful edition of Youva Masterstroke, celebrating the creativity and talent of students across so many states in India,” said Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer at Youva. “This competition not only provides a platform for young artists to showcase their skills but also fosters a culture of artistic expression and appreciation. I congratulate all the winners.”
Youva believes that drawing, being a universal language of expression, provides students with a unique opportunity to communicate their thoughts and emotions silently, nurturing their innate artistic talents. Youva Masterstroke stands as a testament for the same.

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