The Mauli Varkari Sampraday-querim  has organised a walking procession to Pandharpur which will leave on 17th July


The Mauli Varkari Sampraday-querim  has organised a  walking Procession to Pandharpur which will leave on 17th July

Sarpanch of Querim  Mrs. as Deeksha Chandrakant Gawas. Shri Sakharam Gavas, President of United Group, religious preacher of Brahmashananda Math, were present as the main speakers at the press conference .

Famous theater actor Shri Chandrakant Fati  gawas . Mahatmaji of Parvadeshwar Sampradaya.. Follower of Brahmashananda Math Arjun Gavas, president of the organization. Dayanand Kamat of Mauli Varkari Sampradaya Sanstha expressed his experience in front of everyone.

The first leg will depart from querim on July 6, 202 and will reach Pandharpur on 17th. With the aim of inculcating the thoughts of devotional spirit in the society, this procession has been created and a golden opportunity has been provided to the  devotees of all over Goa.. Therefore, all the executive members and devotees were present in the ticket distribution ceremony for the processions and many devotees accepted the first batch of tickets and registered their names as the first batch of Warkaris and became witnesses and honourees of this historic ceremony.

The program was attended by many devotees like Swapneel, Prajot, Journalist Bharat Betkekar..Also, Laxman Bandekar, Secretary of the organization coordinated the program and thanks were given by Krishna Gavas, member of the organization.

Chief Executive Board  comprises of : President Arjun Gavas Treasurer :-Dayanand Kamat, Secretary:- Laxman Bandekar, Vice President :-Santosh Chari  Deputy Secretary:- Harichandra Sinari. Deputy Treasurer :- Rupin Naik Santosh Parsekar…. Ravindra Halit and Members – Netaji Ashtekar, Sandeep Desai, Shashikant Kalshavkar, Pankaj Gavas, Vijay Gawas,

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