Dayanand Vengurlekar is a sensitive and talented poet.


Pernem: Dayanand Vengurlekar is a sensitive and talented poet. Various emotions and feelings are passionately invented in his poems. In the poem, there is self-reflection and brainstorming about life. Onjaliti Bakulphule, Vengurlekar’s collection of poems, is a critique of nature, society and human life with a physician’s wit. said Sudhakar Valanju, senior drama critic of Sindhudurg district, retired headmaster of Shivaji English High School, Kudal,

he was speaking at a function organised at  at Korgaon Pernem that if his poetry is included in school and college curriculum, his poetry will be of great benefit to future generations.

On jaliti Bakulphule book release ceremony organized by Sateri Prakashan and Yuva Pratishthan, Korgaon was held at Kamleshwar Devasthan Assembly Hall. After the publication of this first collection of poems by poet Dayanand Vengurlekar, Prof. Walanju was speaking from the dais.

Along with Valanju, writer and poetess Sonali Parab, the author and poetess of the collection of stories, Bhagwati High School, Pedne’s Marathi teacher Priya Tanksali, Kamleshwar Devasthan Committee President Gurunath Prabhu and poet Dayanand Vengurlekar were present on the platform along with Valanju.

The chief guest Sonali Parab said on the occasion that Dayanand Vengurlekar gave birth to a creative collection of poems that spoke about his relationship with the soil through Bakulphule. As his words used in poetry are as high quality as the universe, they easily make a home in the mind of the readers, so the readers will definitely like his book.

Dayanand Vengurlekar’s first published book is Streeparti in Dasavatari Akhyana. His writing is a conscious depiction of reality. They have an innate ability to boldly express their ideas by going outside the box. Priya Tanksali said in her presidential speech that this collection of poems is his paripak.

At the beginning of the program, famous singer Premnath Palni performed the Ish Stawan. Introduced by Devanand Gawde, Amogh Sawant presented gifts to all the dignitaries. Poet Dayanand Vengurlekar, in his introductory speech, joked about how the book came about. Deepali Khorjuvekar and Priyanka Gurav, teachers of St. Rita’s High School, colvale , read selected poems from the book. Navso Parab moderated the program while Pranesh Gurav gave vote of thanks at the end.

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