Today’s young generation needs to preserve drama: Musician and senior dramatist Damodar Shevde


Today’s young generation needs to preserve this form of drama: Musician and senior dramatist Damodar Shevde

Pedne Day 16 (Representative):- Today’s young generation needs to preserve this form of drama. It preserves our culture. We get many good and bad experiences from it Famous musician and dramatist Damodar aka Bhai Shevde asserted that the youth generation is participating in many programs and working to preserve the culture of our Goa.
Damodar Shevde was speaking as the chief guest at a function organized on the occasion of the birthday of Sri Dadeshwar Devasthan at Dadachiwadi Dhargal. Former Sarpanch of Dhargal Panchayat Mahadev Shirodkar, President of Sri Dadeshwar Devasthan Sandit Naik, President of Vighnaharta Cultural Institute Mahesh Morjakar, author of the play “Baikach Bayka Ghol Aika” Satkakarmurthy Prakash Dhumal director Satkakarmurthy Shrikant Salgaonkar and others were specially invited guests were present on the platform Dramatist Prakash Dhumal speaking on this occasion said that drama is a medium of social enlightenment. Through drama, we understand how to talk and behave with people. Therefore, if today’s youth take care of drama and music more, we can be successful in preserving our culture of Goa forever He said that. Director Srikant Salgaonkar also expressed his thoughts on this occasion.
In the beginning, former Sarpanch Mahadev Shirodkar welcomed the attendees and gave an introductory speech. On this occasion, he said that we are proud of Dhumal for the play written for women by the writer Prakash Dhumal, son of our own village, in Shri Dev Dadeshwar Dhargal.
Pratap Kanolkar, Treasurer Yogesh Shirodkar, Members Devidas Konadkar, Rajat Konadkar, Rajesh Sawant, Ankush Korgaonkar, Shravan Morajkar welcomed the guests on the platform. Also, Ankita Morajkar and Anita Morajkar introduced the honorees Prakash Dhumal and Srikant Salgaonkar. The whole program was moderated by Sambhaji Thakur and vote of thanks was given by Mahesh Morajkar.
Photo :- While inaugurating the program by lighting the lamp, music composer Damodar Shevde, along with Mahadev Shirodkar, dramatist Satkarmurthy Prakash Dhumal and Srikant Salgaonkar and other officials

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