India’s first ‘Mojito Ambassador’ Harshit Agarwal Joins BENO Hospitality as Head of Beverage Program


India’s first ‘Mojito Ambassador’ Harshit Agarwal Joins BENO Hospitality as Head of Beverage Program

Goa, April 2024-  BENO Hospitality has appointed India’s first ‘Mojito Ambassador’ Harshit Agarwal as the head of the beverage program for its two Goa-based establishments, BENO and BAJA, a cafe bar with India’s largest gin collection and a Mexican themed beach bar, respectively.

Apart from heading the beverage program, Agarwal will also serve as a partner and head of the consulting arm of BENO Hospitality called BARTISTRY. An award winning hospitality professional, hailing from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, Agarwal brings a wealth of experience and innovation to his new role.


Previously serving as the brand ambassador for Matinee Gin, Agarwal was a master mixologist with a penchant for indigenous bartending. His journey includes notable stints such as pioneering the service team at Copitas, a stylish cocktail lounge at the Four Seasons, Bengaluru – ranked among the top three bars in India and the top fifty in Asia.

He was the first Indian mixologist to be presented with the title ‘Mojito Ambassador’ at the Mojito Maestro national competition conducted by Bacardi in 2022.

With international experience extending to the Maldives, Agarwal has crafted unique hospitality experiences for VIPs hailing from the UK, Germany and Australia. His approach to mixology blends naturistic elements seamlessly with liquors and liqueurs, resulting in cocktails that defy convention and dazzle the palate.

“We are thrilled to welcome Harshit Agarwal to the BENO Hospitality family,” said Gaurav Bhardwaj, managing director at BENO Hospitality, a hospitality entity in South Goa. “His exceptional talent and innovative approach to mixology will undoubtedly elevate the beverage programs at BENO and BAJA, offering guests an unparalleled culinary experience.”

Beyond Agarwal’s professional accolades, he is known for his passion for sports, particularly basketball, as well as hobbies such as collecting Jordans, rhythmic rapping, and avid globe-trotting.

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