Drishti Marine lifesaver Ananyaa Bath featured on BBC World Service Radio


Drishti Marine lifesaver Ananyaa Bath featured on BBC World Service Radio

~ Ananyaa Bath, a woman lifesaver and senior instructor at the Special Rescue Training Academy (SRTA) and Drishti Marine, gave insights into her occupational journey on BBC World Service Radio’s series ‘The Conversation’.

~ The episode titled ‘Women saving lives at sea’ highlights Ananyaa’s journey as a lifesaver and instructor at SRTA, Drishti Marine.

Panaji, April 2024: A testament to her trailblazing journey as a woman lifesaver, Ananyaa Bath of Drishti Marine, Goa’s state government-appointed professional lifeguard agency, recently featured on the BBC World Service Radio series ‘The Conversation’.

During the episode titled ‘Women saving lives at sea’ hosted by presenter Ella Al-Shamahi, Vivienne Grey, a female lifeguard in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in Wales, UK, and Ananyaa spoke about their experiences as women lifeguards.

The podcast episode highlighted the inspirational journey of Ananyaa, who is also a senior instructor at Drishti Marine’s Special Rescue Training Academy (SRTA), as she navigates this unorthodox calling and her contribution to paving the way for more women to take up lifesaving as a profession.

“It was fate that led me to become a lifesaver at Drishti Marine, and once I joined, I never looked back. There is nothing better than the euphoria you feel when you help someone, be it a rescue or administering first-aid. The support I received from my fellow lifesavers has been invaluable, and I want more women to join our ranks,” said Ananyaa.

According to Navin Awasthi, chief executive officer, Drishti Marine, Ananyaa’s appearance on an international platform like BBC World Service Radio is a matter of great pride to Drishti Marine and Goa.

“We are extremely proud of Ananyaa for getting featured on BBC World Service Radio and the heights her hard work and dedication have taken her. We hope many girls and women get inspired by her remarkable journey as a lifesaver and training instructor and take the career paths less travelled, such as lifesaving”, said Awasthi.

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