Transformer catches fire at Porvorim


Saligao:  A transformer on Porvorim Chogm Road caught fire on Monday night late.  the fire was caused  due to an electrical  short circuit, .

The short circuit occured  at approximately 9.30 p.m. A resident who was present at the scene captured all of the action on camera, demonstrating the fire’s severity.

A transformer short circuit at Porvorim Chogm Road resulted in a disastrous event. As soon as they arrived, the power department fixed the transformer. Locals were concerned about the department’s careless work, as cables were hanging outside the transformer

Locals alerted the local electrical department’s JE and AE as soon as they saw the fire.

The transformer was fixed quickly by the electrical specialists. Thankfully, no lives were at risk because no one was near the transformer at the time of the occurrence.

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