Garlic prices skyrocket in the state


Mapusa/Panaji:  The rates of garlic have skyrocketed in Goa with prices ranging from Rs 400 to 600 per kg, hitting the restaurants in general and Chinese cuisine and fast food vendors in particular due to its  acute shortage.

Decline in the harvest of garlic has led to increase in its price in the bustling Panaji market. In the wholesale market, 1-kg of garlic is being sold at Rs 350 to Rs 400 depending upon its quality. In Mapusa rates ranged from Rs 500 to 600 per kg.

Garlic vendors trading in Panaji market  spoke  about the sudden spurt in prices.

A vendor at the horticulture outlet stated that garlic is being sold at an exorbitant rate at Rs 400  per kg in Panjim municipal market and the  prices have been soaring for almost two months as the commodity is in short supply,

Garlic is mostly harvested in Madhya Pradesh and due to decrease in harvest this year, the prices have shot up in the State.

Garlic usually is sold at Rs 100 to Rs 150 per kg but now it has increased to Rs 350 to Rs 400 per kg. Usually we would get around 60 bags of garlic which has dwindled down to merely 15 bags since the rate has gone up  Buyers who were buying 1-kg now take a quarter of it ”said a vendor


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