Mango, the king of all fruits,relish it in the month of May


Mango, the king of all fruits,relish it in the month of May

Mango is considered as the king of fruits. People relish it with great joy. Specially Goans enjoy relishing the Goan variety. There are so many varieties of mangoes available on the stands in the markets. When mangoes arrive in the markets, all other fruits take back seat. Even fruits like apple, grapes, pomogrenates, Sweet lime, Oranges, banana, dragon fruit, etc etc Many Goan mangoes particularly Mankurad, Malguess, Mosarrat, Alfonso, Sacretin, Fernandes, Timot, et al are considered to be best quality mangoes available in abundance. Besides best quality mangoes are also being exported foreign countries. Dubai, Middle East, Portugal and England.
Now a days prices have come down drastically and smaller sized mangoes are selling at a much much lover rates.
Today in the Panaji municipal market big sized malkurad are being sold at ₹ 1000 a dozen, small size ₹600, Alfonso ₹ 700, malguess ₹600, mosarrat 700-600, Sacretin ₹ 400 and ₹ 600 a dozen, Pairy ₹600. While other varieties that come from outside the state of Goa are Neelam, Kesar, Malika, kalmi, Tufli, Lagda and others.
But most of the time consumers get cheated whiile buying Devgad Alfonso as this quality is the worst available in the market. They are sour but they look very beautiful and attractive and inside they are rotten and cotton. Many experts say that this quality is ripen artificially nd brought to make money and people get cheated.
Food and Drug Administration should be little active in this season as people get deceived and no body goes to lodge a complaint to FDA.
While buying mangoes from outside the state Consumers should be little careful and alert

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