‘Stargazing at Aguad’ to Unravel Mysteries of the Skies 


‘Stargazing at Aguad’ to Unravel Mysteries of the Skies 

~ Four thematic events to take participants on a visual exploration of the constellations and lunar wonders at the Aguad Port and Jail Complex, Sinquerim.

~ The themed nature of the event promises to make ‘Stargazing at Aguad’ a wholesome family outing experience.

Calangute  May 2024: Explore the endless wonders of summer night skies at ‘Stargazing at Aguad’, an astronomy-related event that is being held at the Aguad Port and Jail Complex, Sinquerim, over four days spread across May 19 to June 2.

‘Stargazing at Aguad’, an educational and entertaining initiative, is a collaborative initiative between The Aguad and Cosmic Ventures, an organisation dedicated to offering curated night sky-gazing experiences. The event allows participants to access the beauty of skies and constellations through powerful telescopes and informative insights provided by astronomy experts.

“The ‘Stargazing at Aguad’ event enables families to plan a late summer evening outing involving stargazing and cosmic storytelling to gain insights into night skies ahead of the monsoons. The Aguad’s location along the serene Sinquerim coastline with minimal artificial lighting from surrounding areas renders it the ideal location for stargazing,” said Naveen Chopra, Group CEO, Waterfront Experiences.


The event, which is also pet-friendly, has distinct themes spanning the four days and will be held from 8 pm to 10 pm.


“On Sunday, May 19, the Mango Moon theme focuses on the story of the Gibbous Moon’s journey across the night sky at the midway mark, between the half and full moons. You could also learn about Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama’s journey in the 15th century to the shores of India using the stars as a navigational guide,” according to Sunil Kher, co-founder, Cosmic Ventures.


The Full Moon of May on Wednesday, May 22, is an evening dedicated to the full moon in May and celebrated as Budh Purnima in India. It is also referred to as the Flower Moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, an almanac dating back to the 18th century, containing weather forecasts, planting charts and astronomical charts, among other related data.

On Wednesday, May 29, ‘Deep skies’ promises a dark night of exploration when there’s no moon in the sky, which translates to the best views of the deep, wide sky! And on Sunday, June 2, close to the new moon phenomenon, ‘The night before monsoon’ will bring you closer to the darkest skies just ahead of the monsoon season, offering sneak peeks into the sky, promising revelation of deep sky objects.

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