Goa Governor and Chief Minister, extend greetings to people on Goa Statehood Day.


PANJIM: Governor of Goa P S Sreedharan Pillai and Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant extended their heartiest greetings and warm wishes to people of Goa on the momentous occasion of Goa Statehood Day.

Governor in his message said, “May 30 is indeed a memorable day in the political history of Goa, for it was on this day in 1987 when Goa became the 25th State of the Indian Union.”

“In December, 1961, Goa was liberated from the colonial rule but major controversy arose as to whether Goa should remain a separate territory or should merge into neighbouring States of Karnataka or Maharashtra. Therefore, the opinion poll was held in 1967, the only referendum in Independent India which decided that Goa, Daman & Diu should remain a separate entity with the status of a Union Territory,: the Governor said stated in a press release.

Thereafter, all major political parties sought Statehood for Goa. It was on 30th May, 1987 that erstwhile Union Territory of Goa was accorded status of State through the Constitution (56th Amendment) Act, 1987.

“Achieving Statehood was a long and much cherished dream of the people of Goa, which was rightfully fulfilled in a truly democratic manner. Statehood gave to the people of Goa a distinct identity and individuality,” he said.

In his message CM, Pramod Sawant said, “May 30 is a memorable day in the glorious history of Goa as on this day on May 30, 1987 Goa became a full-fledged 25th State of Indian Union.”

“May 30 is a result of the struggle by the Goans and people from across the country to protect Goans distinct identity. This momentous occasion also assumes significance as it reminds innumerable Goans to pay tributes to those who have worked tirelessly to shape destiny of this tiny State of the country particularly after post liberation period and attainment of Statehood,” he said.

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