Youth should take up farming as a viable career option: Calangute MLA Michael Lobo


Youth should take up farming as a viable career option: Calangute MLA Michael Lobo

Calangute: youth should pursue careers in farming, said Calangute MLA Michael Lobo and added that agriculture department along with his assistance will give an impetus to the youth to take up farming

Lobo expressed was speaking during a gathering at the parra panchayat, where he distributed free seeds and fertilisers to local farmers. He also emphasised the scarcity of tractor drivers as a significant challenge in the farming sector.

In an effort to promote agriculture in parra the panchayat has committed to providing substantial support to farmers. This includes free harvesting machines in addition to seeds and fertilisers. Lobo also urged the youth to engage in farming to benefit from these provisions.

“We are providing free harvesting machines besides the seeds and the fertilisers. More people should come forward and take up farming to reap the benefits provided by the panchayat,” he said.

The coastal MLA called for a revolution in agriculture, stressing the need for young people to consider farming as a viable career option.
“We want people to cultivate fields. The younger generation should get down into the fields. If not, nobody will take up this work in future,” he warned.

Parra Deputy Sarpanch, Daniel lobo also, echoed Lobo’s sentiments and encouraged farmers facing difficulties to seek assistance from the panchayat.

“Para is doing much better when it comes to cultivating fields. If there is any problem, write to us, especially if anyone needs financial help,” Daniel lobo said
Besides Michael lobo also present were sarpanch of Parra Chandu Harmalkar and , other panchayat members, and local villagers, all showing support for the initiative aimed at revitalising the farming community.

Meanwhile reacting to the issue, wherein the jeeps and buses, strolling around the beach drinking alcohol and cooking in their vehicles, and littering in the open calangute MLA added that he will raise the issue with the upcoming assembly session with regards to the imposition of fines.
Tourists come in groups in jeeps and buses, stroll around the beach area and drink alcohol and cook in their vehicles, before littering in the open in the village. They do not make any hotel reservations. So there is a need for imposing a stringent fine on tourists but we cannot stop them from travelling to any state of Goa because that will deny their fundamental righ to movement ” said lobo
Lobo also welcomed the decision of the the calangute Panchayat’s resolution to impose tax on tourists ‘coming in jeeps, drink alcohol, litter adding that this was a good move by the panchayat
many tourists go on the beach to spend the whole day and use public toilets and park their vehicles in the parking place or in the open area. They drink alcohol and throw bottles and garbage anywhere and go away. Hence, the panchayat resolved to identify such places to identify these tourists and to request police for immediate necessary action to stop such activities” I welcome this resolution informed lobo ,

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