As a keen advocate of the farm-to-table concept, Roshan Mathias


CALANGUTE: As a keen advocate of the farm-to-table concept, Roshan Mathias, the people’s candidate of Goencho Avaaz Party for Calangute constituency, is spearheading the green mission in his constituency to promote a self-reliant and self-sustaining community.
Held under the theme ‘Green Mission for a Healthy and Wealthy Vision’, the mission will kick off with a webinar to educate people on the widespread benefits of growing organic vegetables in their gardens and will offer tips on cultivating a home kitchen garden. The webinar will be held on Sunday 19th September at 4.30 pm and will be conducted by Mr. Allwyn Siqueira, a freelance farmer from Miramar.
He will expound on safe organic cultivation methods and share his experiences and learnings on the subject.
As a follow-up to the webinar and for those eager to kick start their own vegetable gardens at home, Team Goencho Avaaz Calangute Constituency will distribute 2500 free vegetable saplings to constituents on 22nd September 2021.
This endeavour aims to encourage people to grow vegetables and fruits at home and to bring back a love for agrarian pursuits. Not only does a vegetable garden have excellent health and economic benefits, but it also makes for a diverse bio area and is suitable for the environment.
Sharing his vision for a green Calangute constituency, Roshan Mathias said: “All of us have a role to play in fostering the green mission, which is a small way that we can give back and help balance the tremendous damage and destruction that has been caused to our habitat. Garden-to-table produce can be a game-changer in the way we consume food and reduce our household expenses. I look forward to seeing all my constituents at the webinar and I also encourage them to share their collective thoughts with me on how we can further propel this mission. The ultimate goal is to revive the Calangute constituency and make it shine once again.’’

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