NOVEMBER 22, 2021
MAPUSA: Prominent Social Activist and Lawyer from Pernem Advocate Jitendra Gaonkar on Monday demanded that the government release a White Paper on the jobs at the Mopa airport allotted or given to the locals.
While addressing the media at the Congress office at Mapusa the recently joined leader from Pernem, Jitendra said people wanted to know where were the jobs promised at the Mopa airport and how many people gained employment after the work had commenced.
“The promise seems to be a distant dream, and the youth from Pernem continue to suffer in the absence of job opportunities. When the land acquisition was being done the locals were assured jobs by the BJP government. It has been three years since the work at Mopa has begun. Recently there was an advertisement published by GMR in a local daily for the requirement of an ‘Airport Rescue and Fire Fighter Personnel’ at the Mopa airport. The local youth from Pernem who had applied were asked to pursue a six months course for further training by paying a fee of Rs. 2.5 lacs in order to get the job,” pointed out Jitendra.
“The people of Pernem have been kept in the dark and only given false assurances by the local MLA and BJP-led government. The aviation department should look into this matter as to why these unemployed youth are being asked to pay such hefty fees to pursue a course. We demand some transparency on this issue, or we will sit in front of the airport as a mark of protest,” he added.
While the North Goa Congress District Committee President, Vijay Bhike has condemned the state government for allegedly cheating Goan youth with false promises of providing them employment at Mopa.
“The Deputy CM, Manohar Ajgaonkar has spoilt the name of the people from Pernem become a laughing stock after his statement ‘the show must go on’. He is only bother about tourist- centric activities like sunburn, casinos and prostitution from where he can earn his commission. In the name of jobs he is fooling the locals and has done absolutely nothing in the last five years. They have acquired the land from locals and no compensation has been paid till date. This election the people of Pernem will show him his place. There is a need to protect the fields, identify and culture of Goa,” said Bhike.
“Marking the victory of farmers after the repeal of the three central farm laws, the Goa Congress Pradesh will observe ‘Kisan Vijay Divas’ at Cumbharjua on Tuesday,” he added.
Also present was the Pernem Block President, Rudresh Deshprabhu; St Andre Block President, Manoj Palkar and District Treasurer, Sidhesh Palkar.

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