tense situation witnessed in Saligao as locals gather in large numbers outside the Saligao police station after the Parish Priest of church assaulted


Saligao: tense situation was witnessed in Saligao on Monday afternoon as locals gathered in huge numbers outside the saligao police station after the parish priest was assaulted by a farmer from  saligao Police have arrested the person who assaulted the priest

according to the complaint by Parish priest fr mathew rodrigues he had gone to mapusa for his personal work and he received a call at around 12.06 pm from a local Joseph dsouza who is a farmer regarding the water logging in the field due to a blocked drain  and was told to come at the spot and so he came around 12.37 pm and inspected the site and met him and when the priest along with the farmer went to the site the priest told him that he had not put the mud and so this led to a verbal altercation and the farmer than abused the priest with filthy language . in his complaint the parish priest futher stated that as he tried to the tell the farmer not to use filthy language but the famree did not listen and again started abusing him and so as started walking out of the situation the farmer pulled him back and stopped him and pushed him down
“i got up and defended my self from further assault and as i moved away he came running after me and threatened me with dire consequences”said the parish priest fr mathew in his complaint  adding that this was also witnessed by the church employee
after hearing about the assault on the parish priest Saligao MLA Jayesh Salgaonkar and calangute MLA rushed to the saligao Police station and demanded with the PI that the accused be immediately arrested
“the parish priest used to always tell me that this guy used to come and disturb us because even if the the  trucks carrying mud for the  beautification work even touched  his compound wall he used to fight with the parish priest” said saligao MLA Jayesh Salgaonkar
“i have know the parish priest as a very kind hearted person and the assualt on him pained me a lot that i left my important work down south and started to come here in the meanwhile i also called up the SP and the SP informed  me that he has been taken for medical examination and aldready been arrested” salgaonkar further said adding that this was the first incident which he had heard about the assault on the parish priest
speaking further another local Tulio dsouza said that that the accused Joseph had traps passed into the church property and assaulted  the parish priest
for the past so many days there is the beautification  work  of the church going on and this person is blocking all the trucks carrying mubd coming to the church to carry out the works and stopping the works and this has also delayed the work of the church and has caused coniderable stress to the Priest” said tulio dsouza
this person also took the church to the high court stating that some work is illegal but  that case has also been dismissed by the high court so what does he want to do and he is only trying to create chaos and distrub the peace  the village”said Tulio  dsouza
“if that person had a problem of a clogged drain he could have complained to the panchayat he has not right to take law into his hands and such kind of incidents  this kind of acts were  never heard off in our village and this is the first time that such kind of an incident has happened in the village” said another local Bola Ghadi

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