PANAJI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has immense respect among the citizens of the country. Goans have given him love and affection. The hospitality offered to him by the citizens of Mormugao during his short door-to-door campaign is endorsement of Rahul Gandhi’s clean character. This has baffled the BJP and hence, the frustrated Narendra Sawaikar has levelled baseless allegations against the Congress leader. The act of Narendra Sawaikar has made him laughing stock, charged Congress Media Cell Chairman Amarnath Panajikar.

It is unfortunate that the local BJP candidate has no face to visit his own electorate after the Congress Party exposed his involvement in a sex scam. The gesture of the Mormugao citizens to treat Rahul Gandhi affectionately, especially women has completely rattled the BJP, stated Amarnath Panajikar.

During his door-to-door campaign in Mormugao, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi endorsed the victory of our candidate Sankalp Amonkar. Our leader Rahul Gandhi kept aside his political campaign agenda and listened to the hardships, difficulties and sorrows of the local residents. He also obliged a family by listening to a song. Citing his imminent defeat, BJP candidate and former minister Milind Naik pushed Narendra Sawaikar to make the unwarranted statement against Rahul Gandhi, Amarnath Panajikar said.

BJP grabbed power against the mandate of the people in 2017. The last ten years of the BJP misrule is full of corruption and insensitivity. The Congress party has fielded all candidates with clean image and character which has sent panic waves in the BJP circle. It is surprising that home minister Amit Shah approved the candidatures of those who were once termed as rapist and matka agent by the BJP functionaries. This proves that the BJP is now Bhrashtachari Janata Party, charged Amarnath Panajaikar.

The entire nation has seen the “Teleprompter Avatar” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If BJP has guts, they should make Prime Minister Narendra Modi sit on a common platform with our leader Rahul Gandhi and address the issues affecting the common citizens of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who boasts of holding the M.A. degree in Entire Political Science, a course which is not available in the entire universe should dare to sit before the well-qualified Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and debate on the issues concerning the country. Congress party in Goa is ready to organise such a debate anytime, stated Amarath Panajikar.

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