Outlining his vision for Aldona constituency, Congress candidate Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that roads, power, water supply and education will be given top priority during his term as MLA.

At a programme held on Tuesday, Adv Carlos unveiled his ‘Vision Document’, which he said is not a manifesto, and although it focusses on 11 points, he will take up more issues which require attention over the course of the five year tenure.

“I have a long term vision. My Vision Document has been drafted based on inputs after listening to the people. Individual problems will be tackled separately. Major issues affecting the people are mentioned in the document. This is not the end of my vision, if some issue crops up 6 months later, I will take it up. It is an open book and suggestions are welcome,” he said.

Adv Ferreira pointed out that Aldona faces problems due to repeated power outages and irregular water supply, both of which will be addressed.

Stressing on the need for better and safe roads, he said, “Hotmixing of main roads is not enough, internal stretches also need attention. The roads were hotmixed 10 years back during Congress rule,” he said.

Adv Ferreira said that his primary focus will be the education sector.

“I have a dream to have an educational hub. It is an innovative idea as it will include assistance, coaching, and career guidance for students. We will promote artistes as well. We plan to get top qualified people using private CSR funding, and not via any government corporation as such things tend to get politicised,” he said.

He also said that people will be trained for UPSC and other competitive exams. “Why not get coaching centres here, even for international universities,” he said, while adding that special emphasis will be given to promote talent.

As far as sports is concerned, he said that building grounds is not enough. “Swimming pools, infrastructure, trainers, and adequate facilities to support this are needed in Aldona,” he said.

The Vision Document also mentions upgradation of health facilities, as well as setting up of rehabilitation and counselling centres.

“People have to travel as far as GMC for treatment. Apart from doctors, we need medical equipment like X-Ray here as well,” he pointed out.

For specially abled children, the village lacks facilities like special instructors, and this will be introduced using funds from the panchayat.

“Such children need a special environment, We must recognise their talent and promote it,” he said.

Adv Carlos will also focus on women empowerment.

“Women are important to me, as most of them remain at home, and not all of them go for work. But by remaining at home, they can sustain themselves and be an asset to the family. They can do something to promote and get an income,” he said.

Waste management will also be addressed. “There is roadside garbage dumping in the village. This is a common problem everywhere. I will have a village-wise plan to tackle it,” he said.

Adv Carlos said that many people are not cultivating their fields, and many who want to face obstacles and lack of government support. “I will focus on cleaning of water tanks, desilting of ponds, and whatever is required in consultation with people,” he said.

On the vexed Aldona market issue, Adv Carlos said the structure is dangerous and is on the verge of collapse.

“The complex is an eyesore and it needs to be demolished. It has been deemed unfit by Goa Engineering College. Nothing has been done. The market vendors are ready to move out provided we have a plan for them. It needs motivation and a sense of direction by taking all stakeholders into confidence. We will work out a plan on how to rebuild it at the same location,” he said.

As far as jobs are concerned, Adv Carlos said that they will try to help as many people as possible, and create employment opportunities.

Pramod Salgaonkar, vice-president, Congress party, and Amarnath Panjikar, Chairman, Congress Media Cell were also present.

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