Congress writes to EC-Delhi to stop acts of influencing postal ballot



PANAJI: Claiming that BJP has realized the imminent defeat in assembly election and hence resorted to pressurize the postal ballot voters, the Congress Party has complained with the Chief Election Commissioner of India, New Delhi, to take action as latter’s counterpart in Goa is reluctant to initiate any action against such illegalities despite complaints filed.

GPCC President Girish Chodankar in his letter to EC has said that the Model Code of Conduct is in force, however the candidates of ruling BJP had indulged in election related corrupt mal-practices and had distributed huge sums of money to the voters in an attempt to influence the voters.

“The State government machinery and candidates of the ruling party have indulged in illegal acts of threatening and intimidating the voters who are supposed to cast their votes through postal ballots. The government officials are being coerced to cast their votes in a particular manner in the favour of the ruling parties candidates.” He stated in a letter.

Chodankar on Saturday had alleged that BJP has used ‘Police Wireless Service’ to seek a list of police staff opted for postal ballot.

“We have got concrete information that a wireless message was transmitted by the Police Headquarters , Panaji, Goa on 17 & 18 February 2022, to all the police stations across Goa, wherein following information was sought :- i. How many police staff have applied for the ballot papers? ii. How many have cast their votes? iii. How many have not yet cast their vote?” letter further stated.

Chodankar has appealed to act immediately and ensure that the sanctity of the election process and values of democracy are maintained.

“An enquiry to unearth the wireless messages transmitted to all police stations should be conducted and those involved in it should be booked under relevant sections.” He demanded.

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