Locals Oppose Mobile Tower Proposal in Nagoa Dias Vaddo, demand for Signal Boosters



Locals Oppose Mobile Tower Proposal in Nagao Dias Vaddo, Advocate for Signal Boosters

Tensions ran high on Tuesday as residents of Nagoa Dias Vaddo, along with local MLA Michael Lobo and Sarpanch Roshan Redkar, engaged in a heated dispute over the proposed erection of a mobile tower near the substation. The locals expressed strong opposition to the tower, citing concerns about its impact on the residential area.

Voicing their opinions, the villagers argued that setting up a mobile tower in a residential locality was inappropriate. Instead, they proposed the installation of signal boosters, which would allow the capturing of signals in a limited range. This alternative solution was suggested after holding a meeting with the locals to ensure that the booster could provide signal coverage specifically to the people in that particular area.

MLA Michael Lobo, aligning with the sentiments of the villagers, opposed the construction of a mobile tower. He emphasized the importance of proper networking for the future generation, particularly students who heavily rely on Android mobile devices for their studies, which require a stable internet connection. Lobo suggested that the installation of signal boosters would be more beneficial and sufficient for the area’s needs.

The clash between MLA Michael Lobo, Sarpanch Roshan Redkar, and the local residents highlights the need for a comprehensive and consensus-driven approach to address the connectivity requirements of Nagao Dias Vaddo. Recognizing the concerns raised by the villagers, both Lobo and Redkar urged the people and the booster company to collaborate in creating awareness and instilling confidence among the locals. Their goal is to ensure that the proposed booster tower will not pose any hazards to the community.

The suggested location for the installation of the signal booster is above the electricity department near the substation in Nagoa. This strategic placement aims to maximize the signal coverage while minimizing potential disruptions or risks

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