40 to 45 villagers from Mendes Waddo, Nagoa, gathered at the panchayat office on Tuesday to demand an immediate resolution to the acute water shortage



Mendes Waddo, Nagoa – In an unprecedented show of frustration and discontent, around 40 to 45 households from Mendes Waddo, Nagoa, gathered at the panchayat office today to demand an immediate resolution to the acute water shortage that has plagued the area for the past five days. The residents, consisting of men, women, and children, were left with no choice but to take their grievances to the streets after receiving repeated excuses from the sarpanch and ward member.

The situation reached a boiling point as the crowd vented their anger at the panchayat officials for their neglectful attitude towards this basic necessity. Voices rose, and frustration turned into determination as residents vowed to escalate the protest if the water supply did not resume by Wednesday.

“We have been patient for far too long. Water is an essential need for every human being, and it is the responsibility of our elected representatives to ensure its availability,” said a resident of Mendes Waddo. “Our children are attending school, and the elderly in our community are suffering without water. We cannot tolerate this negligence any longer.”

The sarpanch and ward member, when approached for a solution during the gathering, failed to provide any substantial assurance. Instead, they continued to make excuses, further fueling the residents’ anger and frustration.

Realizing that their pleas for water were falling on deaf ears, the residents have decided to intensify their protest. If the water supply is not restored by Wednesday, they plan to gather outside the Public Works Department (PWD) office in a peaceful demonstration, making their voices heard by the authorities responsible for water management in the region.

Water scarcity is a pressing issue affecting the daily lives of numerous residents in Mendes Waddo, Nagoa. The situation not only disrupts daily activities but also poses a threat to the health and well-being of the community. The residents hope that their peaceful protest will grab the attention of the relevant authorities and prompt swift action to address the water shortage.

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