LALIGA launches a new era, presenting a new strategic positioning and international branding The new brand represents the evolution that LALIGA


LALIGA launches a new era, presenting a new strategic positioning and international branding
The new brand represents the evolution that LALIGA has undergone over the last 10 years, becoming bigger, more international and reaching more people than ever before.
Panjim – LALIGA has today unveiled its all-new brand and strategic positioning under the slogan “The Power of our Fútbol.”The launch reaffirms the competition’s commitment to inspire and make a positive impact on society. This change reflects the evolution that LALIGA has undergone over the last decade, in terms of both size and global recognition. The competition has become the largest football ecosystem in the world, with the most extensive international network of any sports entity, and is now present in 41 countries through 11 offices and a network of delegates.Over the last 10 years it has seen sustained growth in all areas and established itself as a brand recognised in both national and international reputation rankings.
The start of a new era, with a clear purpose
LALIGA, a global brand that reaches all kinds of audiences, reflects its new strategic positioning in the slogan “THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL,” which highlights the pride of being part of an organisation with the capacity to inspire people and society. A slogan that represents the potential of fans, clubs, sponsors and all otherLALIGA stakeholders.
Ángel Fernández, Head of Global Brand & Strategy at LALIGA, said: “Over the past 10 years we have taken on the responsibility to inspire people through the positive values of our sport, something we consistently demonstrate through our clubs, our fans and our entire ecosystem of competitions and related activities. The new brand is a symbol of this change, the representation of “THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL,” with which we want to reaffirm the pride of being part of a competition that inspires us all and helps us to grow as people and as a society.”
New branding: features, logo and colour
With this context in mind, LaLiga now becomes LALIGA, written as a single word in capital letters. A word that represents “THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL” and highlights the pride of being a league that complies with the rules, is responsible within society and fights to end discrimination.
The new brand logo is represented by the initials “LL.” The choice of logo is linked to two key moments on and off the pitch that represent the passion of football: players’ celebrations when they score a goal and kneel to form the letter “L” with the silhouette of their body, and the fans who form an “L” with their arms when celebrating their team’s goals or success.
LALIGA’s new corporate colour is coral (Pantone Red 032C), which symbolises the pride, passion, energy and excitement of football.
Campaign and implementation
The new visual identity will impact not only the 42 clubs that make up LALIGA – who will wear the new logo on their kits – and the more than 185 million users of LALIGA’s digital spaces, but also fans of the competition who will be able to experience and enjoy the change in stadiums, on television broadcasts, in digital spaces and in all experiences produced that go beyond the competition.
This new strategic positioning and its message “THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL” will be reflected in the next LALIGA image campaign, which will be launched in mid-June.
With the incorporation of new strategic partners such as EA Sports, LALIGA is also laying the foundations to revolutionise the football experience from the 2023/2024 season onwards, seeking to break down barriers between the physical and virtual worlds, with improvements in broadcasting, and through an ongoing commitment to grassroots foo

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