Nigerian women engaged in prostitution racket in Vagator and Chapora: Chandan Mandrekar


Vice president, north Goa  crime corruption control association mr. chandan mandrekar, has lodged a complaint  with Anjuna police against Nigerian women who are engaged in prostitution racket in vagator and chapora streets,

in his complaint  Mandrekar has stated that that continuously at midnight Nigerian women are roaming near hotels, public places and near the cars of the tourist with an intention to do prostitution and the same is affecting the locals and minor children, youngsters who are residing in vagator and chapora. 3. the complainant submits that these nigerian women with an intention of prostitution trap the young tourist with invitation that these nigerian women are having rooms and all and take the young tourist to their rooms and their they are locked in the room and 5 to 6 nigerian men rapes the tourist and this kind of crimes are being conducted.  Mandrekar further said that the prostitution racket  committed by these Nigerian women not only spoils the minds of the locals but young local children and young teenagers who came outside goa to enjoy and which  in turn destroys their lives


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