withdraw notification of charging fees for ferry boat services or face protest: North Goa congress


Amidst raging debate over the plan to levy a fare for ferrying of two-wheelers on ferry boats ,the north Goa district congress party has demanded that the government should withdraw the notification of charging fess for ferry services or face the a protest by the congress

Addressing a news conference president of the north Goa district congress committee president Virendra Shirodkar said that charging the fee on ferry boat service will hurt the common man.

“the free ferry service is a unique service subsidised by the government and it should continue the old way” said shirodkar
“The government wants to purchase 2 ro-ro ferries at a cost of Rs 10 crore each, and on other hand they have introduced these fees for people. The government wants to privatise the ferry service” said shirdkar
speaking further Gen. Sec. GPCC VIjay bhike said that The plan to introduce the fare for two-wheelers is an exorbitant charge for the common man and the government should instead continue with the old system,” said Bhike
“the BJP government is taking every opportunity to indulge in corruption by leving fees on ferry boat service The government should withdraw the notification for the ferry fees, or else there will be a law and order situation,” he said.

“River Navigation Minister Subhash Phal Dessai recently announced the plan to levy a fare for ferrying two-wheelers, which were so far not charged, on ferry boats and to hike the existing charges for four-wheelers. The government has also notified the new rates along the 18 ferry routes across the State” said congress spokes person Sanjay Barde

“When the Goverment is not providing a bridge, it should at least provide free ferry service . epspecailly for the people dependent on it  think of the cruelty on the people and  They will be hit immensely,” he said.

Referring to the revised ferry charges president of saligao block congress Adv. Atul Naik said that it is a back door entry to privatize the ferry services on all 18 routes in the state. “We demand the notification to be withdrawn. Think of the common man”, he said.

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