Russian national was rescued at Morjim over the weekend


Russian national was rescued at Morjim over the weekend

~ A UK national was administered first aid at Calangute beach

Panaji, December 2023- A Russian national was rescued from drowning off North Goa’s Morjim beach over the first weekend of the busy month of December, even as lifesavers had to render medical assistance to two beachgoers, one of whom cut his feet on cut glass strewn in the sand.


At Morjim beach, Drishti Marine lifesavers Ketan Nagvekar and Vijay Mote rescued a 35- year-old Russian male, who was inebriated when he ventured into the sea for a swim.

The lifesavers noticed the man struggling to swim in the water and immediately launched a jetski and rushed to save him with a rescue board. On returning to the shore, his vitals were checked after which he was reunited with his companion.


A 39-year-old man from Hyderabad had to be administered first-aid at Anjuna beach, after he stepped on a piece of glass on the sand, sustaining a serious gash on the sole of his left foot. Broken glass bits strewn along beaches can be a cause for concern for beachgoers.


A 68-year-old UK national was provided medical aid by Drishti Marine lifesavers Ashwin Ghag and Harsha Naik at Calangute beach, after she was injured when a beach umbrella fell on her, resulting in a cut on her forehead and minor scratches to her right leg. First-aid was immediately administered, before she was handed over to emergency services (108) personnel for a further checkup.


A young boy, aged 8 years, from Pune was traced by Drishti Marine lifesavers at Baga beach and reunited with his father after he was reported missing.

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